The Tatesons

“Performance horses and too many cows”—the business card of 3-Triangle Ranch features a professional but clever sentiment that reflects the hard-working yet good-humoured Tateson family.

With an interest in and deep respect for wildlife, Max and Corrine Tateson along with their daughter Laney and son Dillon have been a part of Operation Grassland Community since 2010. Since then, they have quickly become some of our most active members. In 2013 alone, Max attended our March member’s meeting, partook in the Land EKG course at Antelope Creek Ranch, and subsequently set up five EKG transects (in partnership with his nephew, fellow OGC member Scott Tateson) to monitor rangeland productivity.

In addition, Max was featured in Operation Grassland Community’s Conservation Caravan film, which highlights the habitat stewardship of OGC’s membership in an effort to show urban consumers the relationship between ranching and wildlife. (Click here to view the Conservation Caravan).

The Tateson’s are a forward-thinking family that appreciate the value of their surrounding landscape while seeking ways to monitor, conserve, and improve it. It is because of members like the Tatesons that Operation Grassland Community is able to continue to protect native prairie and the wildlife it supports.