Fact Sheets

Operation Grassland Community has put together fact sheets on a variety of topics including species at risk, invasive species and beneficial management practices in the prairies. Click on the various fact sheets to learn more about these topics.

Species at Risk
Sprague’s Pipit
Burrowing OwlLink text

Pest species or not?
The Prairie Gopher
Not All Grasshoppers are Pests

Invasive Plant Species
Downy Brome in Native Grassland
Leafy Spurge
Smooth Brome

Beneficial Management Practices
Best Management Practices for Grassland Birds
Conservation Easements
Burrowing Owls Nesting in Your Cropland?
Grasshopper Identification and Control Methods

Species at Risk Act
The Species at Risk Act
The Species at Risk an Identification Guide
The Species at Risk Common Myths

Impacts of Development
Oil and Gas Development

Birding Code of Ethics
Birding Code of Ethics