Calvin Raessler - Top Grass Beef

Rancher Calvin Raessler – Top Grass Beef, has always been entrenched in agriculture, having grown up on a farm before starting his own. Top Grass Cattle brings Alberta grass-fed beef that’s certified Free Range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and raised on grass fields without added grain, pesticides or herbicides. The Top Grass Cattle Company ranch is near Delia close to Drumheller. Calvin cares deeply about his land, carefully monitoring range health, condition of the grass, and grazing.

Calvin says that “The success of our business is built on the foundation of having healthy land and soil. Our grasslands are rich in biodiversity that support our cattle, our business and many different species that support life that benefit everyone. Range Monitoring methods like Land EKG gives us the tools to evaluate and understand the affects of our management of this resource and allow us to make changes to ensure healthy grasslands for everyone."

Calvin recently hosted the Southern Alberta Grazing School for Women at his Delia ranch. See the video about Top Grass Beef and check him out in Conservation Caravan on our home page.